• Pharmacy Operations During The Pandemic – FAQs

    Pharmacy Operations During The Pandemic – FAQs

    The LPC has put together its own guidance on the frequently asked questions around pharmacy operations during the Coronavirus crisis. In addition, the PSNC has published an update:  https://psnc.org.uk/our-news/covid-19-update-pqs-pharmacy-services-and-payments/ Common FAQs Can I restrict the number of people/patients coming in to the pharmacy at any one time? The LPC would suggest that it is unsafe

  • GPHC Statements

    GPHC Statements

    The GPHC have published a joint statement with other statutory regulators of health and care professionals about how they will continue to regulate in light of the coronavirus (Covid-19). In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the GPHC have also published a statement regarding their change in approach to inspections of pharmacies.

  • Business Continuity Plans

    Business Continuity Plans

    As there is an increased likelihood of the Covid-19 Coronavirus having more of an impact in the next few weeks, contractors are advised to give particular attention to the plan in place in the likelihood of 1 or more members of the pharmacy team being absent, including possibly the regular Pharmacist. If you have vulnerable

  • Asthma advice during Coronavirus

    Asthma advice during Coronavirus

    March 2020 At the moment it may be difficult for you to see a doctor about your asthma, but it is very important at this time to get your asthma as well controlled as possible. This means if you do catch a virus your lungs can deal with it better. This information is to try

  • What Contractors and Pharmacy Teams can do now

    What Contractors and Pharmacy Teams can do now

    What contractors and pharmacy teams can do now: Contractors and pharmacy teams would be advised to take the following actions to ensure they are well prepared: Read the NHSE&I guidance and implement its recommended actions regarding preparing for COVID-19; COVID-19 posters  could be displayed at points of entry to your pharmacy and near the medicines