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Local Enhanced Services Please tick the box of those services that you are currently commissioned to provide Please tick the box of those services that you might like to provide in the future should the service be commissioned locally
Alcohol Awareness Service
Anticoagulant Monitoring (INR testing)
Antiviral Distribution - (re:-Flu Pandemic)
Asthma Management
Care Home Advice
Chlamydia Screening
Chlamydia Treatment
Compliance Support
Condom Supplies
Diabetes Screening
Emergency Hormonal Contraception
Flu Vaccination – NHS
Flu Vaccination – Private
H Pylori Testing
Hepatitis B and C Spot Testing & Vaccination for IV Drug Users
HLP Healthy Living Pharmacy
HPV Vaccination Service
MAR Chart Production
Minor Ailments
Monitored Dosage Scheme
MUR plus Services
Needle Exchange
NHS Health Checks
Not Dispensed scheme
Oral Contraception
Out of Hours Palliative Care
Palliative Care in Hours
Pharmacists supporting domiciliary carers
Respiratory Disease Management (COPD)
Rota service
Smoking Cessation
Supervised Administration of Methadone and Opiate
TB Directly Observed Therapy
Weight Management
“Specials” Medicines Incentive Scheme
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