• PQS Hillingdon

    Domain 3 Healthy living support Weight management: Pharmacies must support those who wish to lose weight through advice and referral to the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme NHS England » Information for community pharmacies or Local Authority funded tier 2 weight management services (where the individual meets the criteria for referral). In Hillingdon, pharmacists can

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  • Hillingdon locally commissioned services

    The services commissioned locally in Hillingdon are: Supervised Consumption Needle Exchange Emergency Hormonal Contraception Out of hours Palliative Care Service In hours Palliative Care service London Flu and PPV vaccination service For further information contact us at  group@middlesexpharmacy.org or Phone: 020 8492 0592  

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  • Hillingdon LPC constitution

    Hillingdon LPC constitution

    Hillingdon LPC constitution    The Middlesex Pharmaceutical Group Constitution ratified by all the LPCs         

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