• Meningitis awareness campaign Aug-Sept 2021

    Meningitis awareness campaign Aug-Sept 2021

    Meningitis awareness campaign launches in London – information for healthcare professionals.  A high-profile meningitis campaign, led by Meningitis Now and supported by NHS London, PHE, pharmaceutical company GSK, Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) and a Life for a Cure, has rolled out across Greater London on Monday 9 August. The campaign will run from August-September 2021

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  • London Community Pharmacy Strategy 2020

    London Community Pharmacy Strategy 2020

    The London Community Pharmacy Strategy document has now been launched. This document has been developed jointly by London’s local pharmaceutical committees (LPCs), supported by NHS England and NHS Improvement – London region (NHS England London). It presents an ambitious, credible and workable service offer to primary care networks (PCNs), local authorities and other health, social

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  • Prime Minister recognises the important role of pharmacy during a recent visit

    Prime Minister recognises the important role of pharmacy during a recent visit

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited a local pharmacy recently where he was welcomed by Sanjay Doegar, owner of Ruislip Manor Pharmacy, Middlesex. Mr Doegar was very pleased to invite the Prime Minister, who was very happy to chat to the pharmacy team and have photos taken. During his visit, the Prime Minister noted that the

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  • Coronavirus National Testing Programme

    Coronavirus National Testing Programme

    The Coronavirus National Testing Programme has now expanded capacity to test other frontline workers. This applies to frontline workers in England and Northern Ireland only, and includes community pharmacy staff who are having to self-isolate, due to having coronavirus-like symptoms or because a member of their household has symptoms. Any employees who think they are

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  • Pandemic Delivery Service

    Pandemic Delivery Service

    Middlesex pharmacies should have received this NHS letter describing the new Pandemic Delivery Service, giving the service specification and remuneration details. Since the service was launched with effect from Thursday, 9th April, contractors should note any potential claims under the Advanced Service from and including that date. It is important that you keep a record

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  • Pharmacy Operations During The Pandemic – FAQs

    Pharmacy Operations During The Pandemic – FAQs

    The LPC has put together its own guidance on the frequently asked questions around pharmacy operations during the Coronavirus crisis. In addition, the PSNC has published an update:  https://psnc.org.uk/our-news/covid-19-update-pqs-pharmacy-services-and-payments/ Common FAQs Can I restrict the number of people/patients coming in to the pharmacy at any one time? The LPC would suggest that it is unsafe

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  • GPHC Statements

    GPHC Statements

    The GPHC have published a joint statement with other statutory regulators of health and care professionals about how they will continue to regulate in light of the coronavirus (Covid-19). In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the GPHC have also published a statement regarding their change in approach to inspections of pharmacies.

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  • Business Continuity Plans

    Business Continuity Plans

    As there is an increased likelihood of the Covid-19 Coronavirus having more of an impact in the next few weeks, contractors are advised to give particular attention to the plan in place in the likelihood of 1 or more members of the pharmacy team being absent, including possibly the regular Pharmacist. If you have vulnerable

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  • Asthma advice during Coronavirus

    Asthma advice during Coronavirus

    March 2020 At the moment it may be difficult for you to see a doctor about your asthma, but it is very important at this time to get your asthma as well controlled as possible. This means if you do catch a virus your lungs can deal with it better. This information is to try

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  • What Contractors and Pharmacy Teams can do now

    What Contractors and Pharmacy Teams can do now

    What contractors and pharmacy teams can do now: Contractors and pharmacy teams would be advised to take the following actions to ensure they are well prepared: Read the NHSE&I guidance and implement its recommended actions regarding preparing for COVID-19; COVID-19 posters  could be displayed at points of entry to your pharmacy and near the medicines

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