• EPS Phase 4 rollout

    EPS currently allows prescribers to send prescriptions electronically to a Pharmacy of the patient’s choice. Electronic prescriptions currently account for around 70% of all prescriptions issued in England (September 2019). Paper prescriptions will continue to be available in special circumstances, but almost all prescriptions will be processed electronically. Patients without an EPS nomination will be

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  • NHSMail – Obtain & Maintain

    NHSMail – Obtain & Maintain

    Obtain: If you want to obtain a shared NHSmail account for your pharmacy, you can do this via the NHSmail registration portal. Working through this process will include the creation of up to three personal NHSmail accounts which will be used to access the shared NHSmail account. The process is explained in PSNC Briefing 058.17 How to

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