Community pharmacy contractors can now access a recording of PSNC’s recent webinar about changes to the discount deduction system.

Feedback on the webinar

“Very useful presentation”

“Thanks – really useful webinar. We will signpost!”

“Thanks for taking time to present to contractors”

This week’s webinar aimed to provide contractors with a better understanding of why these changes are being made and what the impact will be on individual pharmacies. Almost all attendees said they would recommend the webinar to others, with 96% saying that they found it useful.

During the webinar, viewers heard how the changes will help those contractors who were being disadvantaged by the previous unfair system, and how the transition arrangements will give them time to adapt. Our in-house experts also walked viewers through some examples of how the changes may affect some pharmacies under different scenarios.

The discount deduction scale has been a point of contention for contractors for many years, and PSNC has been pushing to remedy this. The changes will lead to a levelling out for all pharmacies, with the impact on individual contractors varied due to their unique dispensing mix. This webinar is part of a series of resources about the changes to discount deduction.

Click here to view an on-demand version of the webinar.*

You can also view the slide pack used: PSNC Discount deduction changes webinar slides (October 2022)

*Please note, to watch the recording you will need to register (or input the email address you registered with previously).

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