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The Government has responded to the Hewitt Review on integrated care systems (ICS) and the Health Committee’s report on the autonomy and accountability of these systems.

Government response to the HSCC report and the Hewitt Review on integrated care systems

The Hewitt Review, published in April, suggested that the recruitment of pharmacists in Primary Care Networks (PCNs) has exacerbated a general shortage of pharmacists.

Read the Hewitt Review of ICS

Chief Executive Janet Morrison said:

“The official Government response to the Hewitt Review understandably focusses on the ICS infrastructure, but is rather lacklustre on addressing the primary care workforce issues which are more urgent if we are to avoid catastrophe.

Whilst the Hewitt Review is clear that action should be taken to carefully consider the best use of the limited pharmacist workforce going forwards, the Government continues to point to the long-awaited NHS workforce plan as the bringer of solutions. Their long-term plan must cover the entirety of the pharmacy workforce across the NHS, including community pharmacy.”

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