As part of recovery plans following COVID-19, the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has produced guidance for clinicians working in general practice, which sets out suggested actions for consideration to support long-term condition management over the next six months. Among the suggestions is for clinicians to consider signposting patients with cardiovascular disease to the Hypertension Case-Finding Service (also known as the Community Pharmacy Blood Pressure Check Service), as part of the wider system to support blood pressure checks.

Prior to provision of the Hypertension Case-Finding Service, community pharmacy contractors are required to engage with local general practices and/or PCN colleagues to make them aware the pharmacy is participating in this service. The above guidance provides a further opportunity for contractors to work with their local general practices to agree a local process for patient referrals if this is not already in place. Contractors are reminded that PSNC has produced a GP letter /email service notification template and a Briefing for general practice teams (links below) to support engagement about this service.

GP letter / email service notification template  (Microsoft Word)

PSNC Briefing for general practice teams (PDF)