Molnlycke® Healthcare has confirmed that they have ceased manufacturing of all Mepilex® Border and Mepilex® Border Lite dressings (other products in the Mepilex® range are unaffected ). In the coming months, both dressings will deleted from the Appliances (Part IXA) section of the Drug Tariff. Once deleted from the Tariff any prescriptions for these dressings will not be passed for payment by the NHSBSA.

The manufacturer has informed us that both dressings will still be available through wholesalers until stocks last. However, no new stock will be going out to wholesalers. If you are unable to obtain these dressings, a new prescription should be requested for an alternative dressing. Mepilex® Border Comfort and Mepilex® Border Comfort Lite dressings (both currently listed in the Drug Tariff) are recommended as alternatives by the manufacturer.

Mepilex® Border dressings (all sizes)
Mepilex® Border dressings will be deleted from Part IXA of the January 2024 Drug Tariff. Any dispensed prescriptions for these dressings must be claimed for payment no later than your monthly submission deadline for December 2023. Any prescriptions for Mepilex® Border dressings dispensed from January 2024 will be disallowed by the NHSBSA. A three-month advance notice of deletion for Mepilex® Border dressings can be found in October 2023 Drug Tariff and on our Drug Tariff Appliance Watch: Notice of Deletion page.

Mepilex® Border Lite dressings (all sizes)
We understand that Mepilex® Border Lite dressings will be deleted from Part IXA of the Drug Tariff shortly. The exact timing of the deletion will be communicated by Community Pharmacy England once the three month advance notice of deletion has been confirmed by the NHSBSA. The notice will be published on our Drug Tariff Appliance Watch: Notice of Deletion page, once confirmed.

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