The new FreeStyle Libre® 2 Plus sensors recently launched by Abbott Diabetes Care Ltd have been added to the Appliances section in Part IXA of the April 2024 Drug Tariff.  At the same time, the sensors have also been included in the Drugs for which Discount is Not Deducted (DND) list (Part II of the Drug Tariff).

As the FreeStyle Libre® 2 Plus sensors can only be ordered by pharmacies directly from the manufacturer without any discount, Community Pharmacy England made representations to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) for this appliance to be exempt from any discount deduction. DHSC agreed to its addition to the DND list to help ensure that pharmacies are not faced with dispensing these sensors at a loss.

FreeStyle Libre® 2 Plus sensors are not interchangeable with FreeStyle Libre 3 Sensors and require a different reader or the FreeStyle LibreLink® app to scan and receive the results. The arrangements for ordering the FreeStyle Libre® 2 Plus sensors remain the same as for the  Freestyle Libre 2 sensors – via the Abbott Diabetes Care pharmacy ordering portal.

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