PSNC Update  10/12/21

Two updates have been published this evening relating to the lateral flow device distribution service.

There is likely to be an increase in demand for test kits and the need to review and maximise stock ordering in response to local demand, please see link below:

There is an issue and a work around to support claims on MYS for the service related to the new Orient Gene test kits, see below:

How to order?

Log into PCSE Online here to place your order for lateral flow self-testing kits.
For queries on ordering or getting access to order, contact PCSE via the
Contact Us form here. Choose ‘Supplies’ as the category and type of enquiry and
put ‘Test Kit’ as the subject.

I can’t access PCSE Online, what should I do?

If you are not already registered for PCSE Online services, you can contact them by
completing the online enquiry form and selecting the ‘Register for PCSE Online’
option on the enquiry type. To look up your organisation code, visit the NHS Digital ODS Portal.

How many kits should I order?

You should order one box of tests for each patient-facing staff member, including
temporary patient-facing staff.
Important to note: vaccination centres are required to order sufficient lateral flow
devices for all of the patient facing staff members including volunteers.

How many tests are in one box?

There are 25 tests in one box, enough to last one individual three months.

What is the maximum number that can be ordered?

The maximum order quantity of test kits is now 27. Please note, orders over 27 will
be cancelled, as will duplicate orders. If you require more than this, please
contact England and NHS Improvement

How do I check that my order was accepted?

You can check your order was placed correctly by going to the Orders Placed page.
If you encounter a blank page after placing your order, please check the Orders
Placed page to make sure multiple orders aren’t placed by mistake.

 When will the test kits be delivered?

Once you place the order the system will generate estimated delivery date. However,
this date is for guidance purposes only and the actual delivery will take place up to
12 working days from the estimated delivery date.

Who do I contact if the delivery has not arrived?

The Customer Support Centre is open from 8:00-17:00, Monday to Friday for all
Phone: 0333 014 2884 (choose option 5, then 3)

Reporting requirements

Recording of all results (positive, negative, invalid) from lateral flow devices is a
statutory requirement. The results from the lateral flow antigen test for primary care
staff will be documented at home by the individual using the NHS Digital online
platform. Staff can access the NHS Digital platform on:

For further information on lateral flow antigen testing in primary care, including how
to report the test results, please refer to the full FAQ.
A video that explains how to do the test can be found on the NHS Learning Hub.