We have today published the 2022/23 annual report for Community Pharmacy England, reflecting on our work in the past year on behalf of all pharmacy owners.

This has been an incredibly challenging year for the community pharmacy sector, and we continue to fight hard to improve the outlook on both funding and operational pressures.

The report looks at the progress made over the past year: the milestones and accomplishments, as well as the resilience of community pharmacy teams as they continue to provide vital care in the face of severe financial constraints and the ever-changing economic landscape.

Championing pharmacy and pushing for support

We hope our commitment to championing community pharmacy and our determination to fight for a better outlook for all pharmacies is evident throughout the report.

It reflects our continued work to advocate for the sector and the many tactics we are using to push the Government and NHS to provide additional funding for community pharmacies.

It also highlights the critical work being done on medicines supply and reimbursement, regulatory affairs, and to support local pharmaceutical committees.

The annual report covers the year from April 2022 to March 2023, with key topics including:

The year in review
Championing pharmacy
Fighting for funding
Changing for the better
Our annual accounts
Safeguarding pharmacy’s future

Committed to safeguarding the sector’s future 

Beyond outlining the work we have carried out in 2022/23, the report rounds up with a review of our plans for the next 12 months.

We remain fully focused on getting more financial and wider support for community pharmacies over the coming year.

In addition to standing firm in negotiations on the government’s pledge to invest £645million in our sector as set out in their recovery plan and the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework, we’ll continue turning up the dial on our engagement with you.

And we will continue to address the most pressing concerns of pharmacy owners including on finance, medicines supply, and regulatory matters.

Explore our annual report for 2022/23

Our annual report for 2022/23 is available in various formats on our website, including:

A PDF / downloadable version
A full interactive digital version – offering an immersive and dynamic view of the report.
Two short summary animations – highlighting our fight for pharmacy owners and how we continue to work to safeguarding pharmacy’s future.

View our annual report for 2022/23

Janet Morrison, Chief Executive of Community Pharmacy England, said:

“Community pharmacies have faced immense financial and operational challenges over the past year, with healthcare service demand continuing to surge. Despite this, pharmacy owners have showcased remarkable resilience and unwavering commitment to their patients and local communities.

“As you read this report, you’ll discover more about the invaluable work that happens behind the scenes and our dedication to advocating for community pharmacies. We’ve amplified our efforts to convey the urgent need for support to Ministers and the NHS. And we’ve relentlessly pursued vital funding and secured more support for pharmacy across Parliament.

“Our next steps involve preparing for the next round of negotiations for the 2024/25 contract and transforming the Vision for Community Pharmacy developed by Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund into a strategy. We’ll continue to demonstrate to policymakers the possibilities and the importance of supporting and investing in pharmacy. We will do everything within our power to avert the catastrophic consequences of underfunding. Our determination to secure a brighter future for all pharmacies has never been stronger.”

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