To avoid any delays in payment for electronic prescriptions dispensed in December (Dispense Notification messages submitted by 31 December 2023), pharmacy owners are reminded to submit their corresponding electronic Claim Notification (CN) messages or Electronic Reimbursement Endorsement Messages (EREMs) no later than the 5 January 2024.

However, with New Year’s Day (1 January 2024) occurring in the first five days of the FP34C submission window, pharmacy owners will have an extra day, until the end of 6 January 2024, to submit their December FP34C declaration using the Manage Your Service (MYS) portal and to dispatch their prescription bundle to the relevant pricing division at the NHSBSA.

Click here to view further information on extension submission of the FP34C for the month of January.

For more information on the EPS 5-day window, click here.

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