Community pharmacy contractors are reminded that a number of services and Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) deadlines are approaching; this news story provides a summary of these deadlines.

31st March 2023

Deadline/end of service
Further information
Work to meet the majority* of the PQS 2022/23 Domains needs to be completed

Contractors must have evidence to demonstrate meeting the gateway criteria and the domains that they have claimed for by the end of 31st March 2023.

View further information on the 2022/23 PQS

*Details of the requirements can be found using the link above.

Flu vaccination service 2022/23 ends

Contractors should not administer any further vaccinations under this service after this date.

Claims will be accepted by the NHSBSA using the MYS application within three months of administration of the vaccination or by 30th June 2023, whichever date is earlier, in accordance with the usual Drug Tariff claims process.

View further information on the NHS Flu Vaccination Service

Hepatitis C testing service ends

This is the last day this service can be provided, as the service will be decommissioned on 1st April 2023.

Contractors should not provide any further testing under this service after this date.

Claims for services provided in March 2023 will be accepted by the NHSBSA via MYS up to 5th May 2023. Contractors can also submit claims for any tests provided as part of the service since 1st October 2022 that have not already been claimed, by 5th May 2023. Any claim submitted after this date will not be paid. 

View further information on the Hepatitis C testing service


National audit 2022/23 – valproate


All community pharmacy contractors must have completed the 2022/23 national clinical audit on valproate, over a six-week consecutive period and have submitted their data via the Valproate audit 2022/23 tab on MYS.

This is a mandatory contractual requirement.

If contractors have conducted the audit but did not identify any patients to participate in the audit, they are still required to declare that no patients were identified as being suitable. This should be done by ticking the ‘No eligible patients’ box within the Valproate Audit 2022/23 tab on MYS and submitting this information by 31st March 2023.

View further information on the national audit 2022/23

Pharmacy chosen clinical audit 2022/23

All community pharmacy contractors must have completed an annual clinical audit, the topic of which is chosen by the pharmacy.

It is not a requirement in the Terms of Service to send your pharmacy chosen clinical audit results to NHS England. However, pharmacy contractors should be prepared to demonstrate they have carried out a clinical audit at the time of any contract monitoring visit carried out by NHS England.

View further information on clinical audits

Deadline for the requirements to update the NHS website and DoS profile

Contractors need to have verified and, where necessary, updated their NHS website and DoS profile between 1st January and 31st March 2023.

View further information on the requirement to update NHS website and DoS profile


5th April 2023

Please note, the below table does not include information on claiming for Advanced services that continue to be commissioned and that need to be claimed for by the 5th day of the following month, for example, New Medicines Service (NMS), Community Pharmacist Consultation Service or the Hypertension Case-Finding Service as this is ‘business as usual’. Contractors should continue to claim for these services as normal using the MYS application.

Further information
Deadline for claiming for NMS for them to be included in a contractor’s NMS count for the gateway criterion of PQS

To meet the Advanced services gateway criterion, contractors are required to have claimed payments for the completion of a minimum of 20 NMSs between 1st April 2022 and 5th April 2023. Any claims received by NHSBSA after 5th April 2023 will not count towards meeting the PQS gateway criterion.

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