In response to a significant ongoing disruption to the supply of Utrogestan 100mg capsules, a Serious Shortage Protocol (SSP) has been issued by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

Effective today, 19 May 2023, SSP056 enables community pharmacists in the UK to supply patients with no more than two months’ worth of supply of Utrogestan 100mg capsules.  The protocol allow for a reduced quantity of Utrogestan 100mg capsules to be supplied to help manage the ongoing supply disruption affecting this product.

SSP Expiry
Supporting Information
SSP056: Utrogestan 100mg capsules
18 August 2023
SSP056 guide

Pharmacy teams are advised to read the documentation for SSP056 in full and to implement the protocol with immediate effect. Pharmacists are required to read and comply with the requirements outlined within the individual SSPs and supporting guidance as published on the NHSBSA website for Utrogestan 100mg capsules above.

Contractors will also receive an email to their shared NHSmail account informing them of these SSPs.

Please note, these SSPs may be amended or revoked at any time but are currently due to expire on 18 August 2023 – PSNC will update contractors on any changes.


Reimbursement is for the medicine supplied in accordance with originally prescribed medicine i.e. in this instance contractors will be reimbursed the Drug Tariff Part VIIIA reimbursement price for Utrogestan 100mg capsules. Supply in accordance with the SSP will result in the following fees being paid to the contractor:

One Single Activity fee (currently £1.27)
One SSP fee (£5.35)

Until the end of May 2023, the reimbursement price will account for VAT payment. From June 2023, this VAT allowance will no longer be paid as products supplied in accordance with an SSP is to be considered VAT zero-rated.


Q. For patients who normally pay for their prescriptions, do charges apply for supplies made against an SSP for reduced quantity?

A. No prescription charge is payable if a patient receives a smaller quantity of the medicine than the quantity originally ordered on the prescription if it was supplied in accordance with an SSP for reduced quantity.

Q. Does this SSP apply to prescriptions with less than two months’ worth of  Utrogestan 100mg capsules?

A. No, SSP056 cannot be used if a patient presents a prescription for an amount less than or equivalent to two months’ supply. Pharmacists should refer to the inclusion and exclusion criteria specified in the SSP. Any prescription requesting two months or less of Utrogestan 100mg capsules should be dispensed as usual and if the patient pays for their prescriptions, patient charges should continue to be collected for Utrogestan 100mg capsules and other chargeable items ordered on the prescriptions.

Q. Why are SSPs not issued for other HRT products reported to be affected by ongoing supply disruptions?

A. Utrogestan 100mg capsules is considered by the Ministers to be short supply and where an SSP would help manage the supply situation if clinicians advising Ministers think it is appropriate. The DHSC Supply team are constantly the monitoring the supply situation affecting HRT medicines and SSPs for other HRT medicines may be issued if considered appropriate by Ministers.

Support in implementing the SSPs

The following resources have been developed to support pharmacy teams in using these protocols.

Current versions of SSPs

Serious Shortage Protocols Operational Guidance

Serious Shortage Protocols Questions & Answers

PSNC’s Serious Shortage Protocols (SSPs) Endorsing Factsheet

PSNC Briefing 023/19: Serious Shortage Protocols – A guide for community pharmacy teams

Background information on SSPs

Further information on what SSPs are and when they may be used is available via the links below.

Serious Shortage Protocols (SSPs) on-demand webinar

Serious Shortage Protocols (SSPs) webpage

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