In our latest blog, Gary Warner, Community Pharmacy England Regional Representative for the South East and independent pharmacy owner, provides insight on the key topics discussed at our November 2023 Committee meeting.

The update talks about the significance of the agreement of a national Pharmacy First service for community pharmacy, patients and the NHS. Gary says that the Committee recognises the size of the task that now lies ahead, but also the importance of the money that this new deal will provide. He also talks about the range of work that the Community Pharmacy England team are doing to support the implementation of the new Pharmacy First service.

This video blog is part of our new approach for post-Committee Meeting communications, providing pharmacy owners with an alternative way to learn more about our work. We will continue to keep the sector updated about our Committee Meetings in a variety of ways going forward to keep pharmacy owners and their teams more informed about our work.

Click below to watch the video blog:

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